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Diaper Definitions

Diaper covers: Diaper covers come in many options, but each is designed to offer protection against leaks. Cotton, fleece, wool and waterproof covers are worn over the cloth diapers for extra absorbency

All in one diapers: All in one diapers are designed with durability and ease in mind. These diapers are composed of many layers of 100% cotton and have a waterproof outer cover, so no separate cover is needed. They will last for many years and wear well as well as wash well. They are easy to use as a disposable diaper.

Pre-fold diapers: Pre-fold diapers are flat diapers that are pre-folded into three sections. They can be pinned or folded onto your child and used with a diaper cover, or used to line other diapers and give extra absorbency in the middle, where it is needed the most.

Fitted diapers: Fitted diapers are ideal for parents who want their cloth diapers to grow along with their child. The straps or snaps can be adjusted as your child gets bigger, and designed with elasticity and durability to give them longevity.

Pocket diaper: Pocket diapers are lined with fleece, a soft and comforting fabric that takes moisture away from the body. The pocket is designed to be stuffed with various inserts or prefold diapers, which allows you to create a system that work for your individual child. These different layers work together in a system to provide comfort as well as absorbency.

Contour diaper: Contour diapers have elastic in the leg of the diaper and have an hour glass shape. This tight fit helps give added protection against leaks and is sometimes easier to use than regular pre-fold diapers. Parents whose children are heavy wetters often select these diapers.

Swim diaper: Cloth swim diapers resemble disposable diapers but are much better for the environment. These types of diapers have snaps on the side to allow easy changing. They are designed to keep messes out of the pool and fit snugly and gently to your childís skin.

Doublers and inserts: Doublers increase the absorption of the diaper. They are made of absorbent fabrics like terry or hemp and add an extra sense of security while keeping your child comfortable and dry. Inserts provide a similar function. They are placed inside the pocket of a diaper or inside an additional insert or doubler. They too provide extra absorption and allow you to customize your childís diaper needs.

Liners: Liners give your child added protection from wetness. Layered or used singularly, they catch the mess. Most are thin and made of natural, soft products like cotton, but biodegradable and flushable liners are also available.

Diaper pins and fasteners: For diapers that need to be fastened, our pins and fasteners are designed to offer security as well as comfort. They are made with non-toxic materials and keep the fit tight without putting your child in harmís way with sharp, poking ends.