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Coth Diaper Folding Instructions

Folding Instructions:

While there are many ways to fold cloth diapers, the following are suggestions.

For pre-folded diapers, place the cover flat on the floor. Fold the diaper lengthwise into thirds and place it in the cover. Open the back according to the outline of the cover, making it look like wings. Then lay your child in the diaper and fold up the front. You need to fold down any excess diaper and pull it outward, making it look like a fan. Maneuver this around until it is no longer a bump and more of an added, flat layer. Then you can use the Snappi pins to hold it closed. Use the teeth to secure the sides, and make sure the bottom Snappi is attached to the diaper as well. Then close up the diaper cover.

The tri-fold is another way to go, and many find this option to be the simplest. After placing the cover on the ground, fold the diaper into thirds and lay it on top of the cover. Lay your baby on top and bring the front of the diaper up. Then wrap the cover up or use the Snappi pins to secure it.