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Knickernappies Pocket Diapers

Knickernappies Pocket Diapers
Knickernappies Pocket Diapers are one of our newest additions. This great company guarantees each diaper for one entire year. The side-snapping, trim-fitting, mid-rise pocket diaper provide a very smooth fit across your child's tummy, which means no more poofing or drooping. Knickernappies can be used with their custom Loopy-Do Prewashed Inserts, your favorite insert, or even a regular pre-fold diaper. These reusable pocket diapers feature a super-soft custom-milled microfleece inner, waterproof PUL outer, hidden snaps, gentle leg elastic, and elastic at both the waist and back, to keep messes where they belong.
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1-5 Knickernappies $15.95                                                                                 
6-11 Knickernappies $15.75
12-17 Knickernappies $15.50
18-23 Knickernappies $15.25
24+ Knickernappies $14.95                                        
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Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diaper
Knickernappies 2G Pocket Diaper