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Adiri Frequently Asked Questions

The Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does the Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ have a venting system?

A: Yes, the Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Ultimate Bottle has a unique venting system. Typically, when a baby drinks from a bottle, the liquid ingested by the baby is replaced by air, and the nipple can collapse, making it harder for the baby to suck out the remaining liquid. As the baby sucks harder to get liquid from this collapsed nipple, she can swallow some of the air inside the bottle, causing gas or painful bubbles. The Adiri Natural Nurser bottle is designed to reduce this air ingestion, which can cause infant distress and colic. The Adiri Natural Nurser's unique Petal™ vent system in the bottle's cap lets air flow slowly into the bottle as the baby drinks, preventing the nipple from collapsing and your baby from swallowing air.


Q: Is the Adiri Natural Nurser made with polycarbonate?

No. The Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Ultimate Bottle is 100% BPA and polycarbonate-free. All materials used in the bottle meet FDA requirements and none contain any bisphenol-A (polycarbonate component), phthalate plasticizers or vinyl chloride.


Q: How big is the Adiri Natural Nurser/how much milk does it hold?

151.5mm / 6in tall
68mm / 2.7in in diameter

Capacity: 8 ounces/ 236 ml


Q: How do the stages work? What ages are recommended for each stage?

Stage 1 (white): 0-3 mos.
Stage 2 (blue): 3-6 mos.
Stage 3 (orange): 6+ mos.
Note: When in doubt about which stage to buy, select the slower flow for babies who are solely breastfeeding and mom wants to keep them on the breast, given that the baby will have to work harder to get the milk, much like breastfeeding. To wean off the breast, a faster flow is recommended.


Q: Where is the Adiri Natural Nurser manufactured?

We chose our manufacturer in Taiwan through a U.S. manufacturing representative who deals with several manufacturers in Asia, even though their costs were higher, based on his recommendation. Our manufacturer has been extremely conscientious and responsive through every step of the tooling and manufacturing process. Our bottles only use FDA-approved materials (many shipped at extra cost from the U.S.) and have been tested both in Taiwan and in the U.S. for quality.


Q: How often do I need to replace the Adiri Natural Nurser bottles due to wear and tear?

With proper care and cleaning, the nipple should last longer than the 2-3 month average. Like with any bottle, you should keep an eye on the nipple, and if you notice any tears in the nipple material, you should immediately discontinue using the bottle.


Q: How can I clean the Adiri Natural Nurser?

The Adiri™ Natural Nurser™ Ultimate Bottle may be used in a standard steam sterilizer, microwave, and in the top rack of the dishwasher. It can also be boiled. The Adiri Natural Nurser should not be sterilized in temperatures over 212 F degrees, e.g., a hospital autoclave.


Q: How can I heat milk in the Adiri Natural Nurser?

Milk can be warmed in the bottle by holding the filled Adiri Natural Nurser under running hot water. It should not be submerged in water with milk in the bottle as the water pressure can unseat the valve and cause milk to leak.
All information contained in this document is found on http://www.adiri.com/products_html/natural_nurser_faq.asp. Visit this site for more information on Adiri products.